Strong, reliable timber, suitable for all garden installations. Balau (Shorea atrinervosa) is a South East Asian wood that impresses with its extreme density & durability. Balau boards tend to range from light through to dark brown with sparkles of golden hues.  When different shades are fitted together, an impressive and contemporary look that is particularly striking in the wet is achieved. Grading guidelines allow for Balau to contain microscopic holes known as pinworm – these are in no way detrimental to the structure of the timber and aren't considered as defect. Balau is excellent for all hardwood decking installations including high traffic patios, restaurants and pubs etc. When correctly laid, it is among the most stable, reliable and high-performing of natural woods for decking, even though it is also very attractively priced. Its superb performance, combined with its understated, subtle aesthetics, have made Balau hardwood decking one of the natural woods most widely used around the world in exterior spaces.



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